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Boost The Performance Of Your Server

Posted on November 13, 2015 in Technology

A dedicated server is an internet hosting service in which the client makes use of a single server for his requirements. On the other hand, multiple hosts can make use of a single server to complete their needs. There are many advantages of having a dedicated server than working on a shared server. A dedicated server is autonomous and the host himself can set the specifications of the server depending upon his needs which include the hardware and the operating software. The bandwidth is also more for dedicated servers. The most important feature of a dedicated server is that it is more secure. Since dedicated servers are costly, they are used only by websites that have excess incoming traffic.

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Since the internet is flooded with viruses and hackers, it is necessary for servers to be protected at all times to ensure the safety of legitimate traffic. The latest DDoS (Distributed Decline of Service) attacks can shut down web pages temporarily. The DDoS attack is instigated by hackers by creating a botnet, which tells other innocent computers to send data packets to the target website with a motive to block the ports of the website’s server. These computers are sent with malware that contain DDoS Trojans that trigger when plugged in.

It is of prime importance to get a DDoS protected dedicated server to ensure high performance and efficiency. A protected server will help in filtering the incoming data packets to segregate them into legitimate and illegitimate data packets. This segregation helps in reducing the bandwidth of the server, which results in better functioning of the server. Most of the DDoS attacks have legitimate data content but have bad intentions of blocking the ports of the servers. A DDoS protected dedicated server can also filter data packets that have legitimate content but have bad intent.

Some of the symptoms that are associated with DDoS attacks are mentioned herein. First and foremost a DDoS attack results in the shutdown of a website maybe temporarily or permanently. The website becomes inaccessible to users. Many a times none of the websites can be accessible to the user. There can also be a failed connection between a wired or wireless connection. DDoS attacks can also have symptoms of sudden and overwhelming attacks of emails. There is a sudden burst of incoming spam that can block your ports.

There are many attacks on servers in the past. There are reportedly 7000 attacks on servers everyday worldwide on various levels. Data is a huge asset to the companies. Attacks can lead to loss of data or malfunction of the webpage. Hackers do their best to overturn the system by trying to block the ports of servers by transmitting excess and unwanted traffic. A DDoS protected dedicated server can handle such unwanted data packets and channel the legitimate data packets to create a clean pipe. A protected server thus has high efficiency, better performance, better security and better control over your server.