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Why You Should Hire Biomass Consultants

Posted on August 13, 2016 in Business

If you are a company producing biofuel, bioenergy or biochemical, you probably already know the risks involved with the supply chain of biomass. Biomass has been used as a source of energy since primitive times and continues to be used as a source for energy in many countries of the developing world. A great variety of biomass materials are used all over the world.

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  • Biomass from the forests including wood chips, wood pellets etc.
  • Biomass from agricultural fields like straw, solid residue
  • Biomass produced as a byproduct in industries like waste wood, algae

The biomass has to go through several processes along the supply chain which require knowledge and experience. Luckily enough, there are consultancy services that provide adequate solutions for mitigating the risks of the supply of biomass.

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The Risks of Supply Chain

It is important to understand the risks and the course of action to counter them. The biomass supply chain stages are production, pre-processing, conversion and consumption. Transport and storage are the areas that make or break the supply. These various stages are interconnected and a problem in one can have domino effect for others. To reduce risks, planning the logistics is imperative.

The key requirement of biomass production is a steady supply of feedstock. And when we talk about logistics, we mean fast and secure transportation of feedstock. It must meet the right quality to ensure effective conversion. It has to contain the right moisture content and the storage effects this attribute of the feedstock. And then you have the environmental effects too.The costs of transport and storage should be kept minimal which can be done by increasing the density. The location and source of the biomass feedstock source is a game changer. The reason being, it is necessary to balance out the storage and supply chain costs.

The Solution: Consultancy Services

To ensure your business runs without any hassles, the supply chain has to be efficient. The risks are real and one small change can cost you a lot of money and to counter these risks you will need people with the right experience. Since the biomass energy production is quite widespread, you can find quality consultancy services no matter where you are located. A good consultancy firm would generally provide services for all phases.

  • Planning: Feasibility studies, financial planning, risk analysis
  • Designing: Conceptual design, layouts, modeling
  • Procurement: Contracts, tenders, evaluations
  • Implementation: Testing, management, supervision


With most governments trying to adopt renewable energy sources, biomass is destined to become a widely used source of energy, especially in the developed world. Europe already produces less than 10% of its energy through biomass. If you want to venture into the biofuel or bioenergy industry, it is imperative that the risks are addressed, managed and mitigated to ensure successful production. Bioenergy is the future of renewable energy and can help save our environment and fight global warming.