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Murphy Ben International Is Leading The Charge On Diversity

Posted on May 10, 2016 in Business


Murphy Ben International is an organization that truly understands the concept of demographic diversity in the workforce. Murphy Ben International takes pride in hiring educated individuals with various backgrounds because they believe many people with different interests can help spark new ways or ideas to use in the workforce.


Diversity can be best described by a characteristic such as gender, race, age, education and religion to name a few. Workers from different backgrounds will always have a different view compared to someone else and a collection of various views can help advance a company’s performance in terms of creativity; with higher creativity, comes better decision making. This stems from having a diverse work team with different opinions and perspectives. This allows the individuals to consider other alternatives and think outside the box for decision-making. Murphy Ben International demands their employees to keep an open mind and to allow other ideas to help shape their own ideas into something far greater.

Murphy Ben International also believes that for a company to be successful, they need to listen to the customers. With a diverse team, there can be a better understanding of various cultures and individuals who can help Murphy Ben International provide impeccable service to new and existing clients.

Murphy Ben International wants to provide a stress free work environment for their employees and they think starting with diversity can greatly impact the stress levels. For example, when employees feel that they are being discriminated, they become less attached to the organization and lack motivation to work since they aren’t satisfied at work. On the other hand, whenever employees feel appreciated and surrounded by a friendly environment, it can boost moral and keep the stress levels of the employees low.

Another interesting reason for Murphy Ben International to focus on diversity are for their stock prices. When companies manage a diverse work environment, the investors are pleased that there aren’t any lawsuits and the employees are enjoying their time at the company. For instance, some companies receive awards for having a diverse workforce and this can help publicize to new investors to buy into the company; where as on the opposite spectrum, if a company lacks diversity and is hit with a lawsuit, investors will likely pull out or sell their shares causing a negative perception of the performance of the company.

Murphy Ben International does a tremendous job on maintaining its diverse culture and will keep growing as a successful example of diversity.