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Psychic Christopher Golden – Spiritual Foundation

Posted on April 4, 2015 in Reviews

By Anne Stevens

Well it looks like celeb guru, Psychic Christopher Golden, is taking his approach to a whole new level. On the first of April he started inviting some of his clients and students to join “Spiritual Foundation” (www.Spiritual.Foundation) a free member site, where folks can ask Chris questions about the meaning of life.  Articles are written by Chris and commented upon by members on topics of psychic healing, love, chakras, kundalini and something called “Shaktipat”.

Just to put this into perspective, if you want to speak with the Beverly Hills psychic directly, the first “initial consultation” is $75 and that is for 15 minutes.  After that, email questions are free for existing clients, but a phone session starts at a whopping $425 for 15 minutes and $1,700 for a full hour!  And apparently people actually pay this – lots of people from what I can tell. That’s more than what it used to cost to get best-selling author and famed psychic, Sylvia Browne on the phone.

When I reached out to the offices for “Psychic 90210” for comment, someone named Alex said that, “The purpose of the new site is to make Chris more accessible, free of cost, on questions regarding spiritual growth. People who are seeking specific psychic advice would still have to pay for his time and energy using our booking site. But if you have general questions about love, meditation and your own spiritual journey, well that is what Spiritual Foundation is for. You can have access to Chris for free.  It’s not all about the money.”

In the interest of full disclosure, I was ready to write a scathing review about his prices, but this Alex fellow sort of disarmed me – some kind of Jedi mind trick perhaps. You can’t really argue with someone making themselves available for free, especially if it’s about spiritual guidance.  So, okay, if you want to hire Chris to fix some major love problem in your life, you’re going to pay big bucks. But if you want to pick his brain about the meaning of life, he’s not going to charge you anything. I guess you can’t really argue with that.

So far there are three articles up on the site right now.  Their titles are as follows: “Spirituality” a blog about what spirituality is and is not, “Healing and Healers” which gets into how spiritual healing works and basically how to do it and who should do it, and finally “What Matters” which is basically what it sounds like – an article about what matters in life and what does not matter, in the broader scheme of things.

At first I couldn’t help but wonder if this whole thing wasn’t a bit cult-like. But in reading over numerous articles written by Psychic Christopher Golden, over the years, and some interviews, he does not fit the bill of a Jim Jones or Rajneesh.  Nowhere has he claimed that he is god or that his teachings are the only true teachings.  In fact, his website says he follows the religion of “Advaita Vedanta”.  I had to look that one up, but this is a mystical path within the Hindu tradition, which actually rejects all dogma and instead focuses on “non-duality”.  I’m not quite sure what that is, but truth be told I am somewhat intrigued by it. There is a Guru-disciple component to it, but “Advaita Vendanta” does not claim to be the one true way and the Guru does not claim to be above it all, in this religious tradition.

As a freelance writer, his prices for a psychic reading are a bit too steep for me (I need my  quarters for laundry), but maybe I will ask him some spiritual questions on his website, “Spiritual Foundation”, and write a follow up based on what wisdom he is willing to dispense.

In reading over the comments on the 3 blogs entries that are up so far, there appears to be no shortage of students or clients (not sure what to call them) who credit Golden with turning their lives around and helping them to find peace and meaning for them.  The Vedic approach is not really my cuppa, as a Catholic gal, but I can’t argue with someone who is helping people find happiness or make their lives better.

Psychic Christopher Golden is unusual.  On the one hand there are all kinds of articles about him advising pop stars and celebrities. On the other hand, everything he has personally written seems grounded and focuses on spiritual awakening and selflessly giving love.  I’m intrigued.

Anne Stevens