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Wedding Favors That Are Fun

Posted on May 18, 2016 in Lifestyle

Wedding favors are a very important part of any wedding celebration because they make the guests have more fun and feel appreciated. Whether you are having a large wedding or one with a limited amount of guests, wedding favors will make your reception tables look full of fun and love with very limited effort. There are many types of wedding favors available for purchase ranging from items that can be used at the wedding reception to items that are more commemorative. Here are a few of my favorite wedding favors to help you choose what will work the best at your wedding.

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Personalized Wine Glasses

If you have a little bit of room left in your wedding budget or money isn’t a huge concern, giving your guests personalized wedding favors is one of the nicest things you can do. Since you’ll want your guests to actually use the wedding favors that you give them, personalized wine glasses are always a very good choice. You can personalize your wine glasses in two ways; either with your names and wedding date on them or the guests name on them. Though it is usually cheaper to have several cases of wine glasses personalized with your wedding date on them, it can be a nicer gesture to have each guest’s wine glass personalized just for them. Though personalized wine glasses are a fairly expensive wedding favor, the sheer joy it will bring your guests will be well worth it.

Photo Coasters

One of the most popular options of wedding favors that many young couples choose is photo coasters. Coasters in general are a very popular choice as a wedding favor because they are incredibly useful, but by adding a photo of yourselves as a couple can make it into a timeless keepsake that will remind your guests of your wedding day for many years to come. As an additional option, you can insert a generic photo into your photo coasters so that the guests can choose their own picture or you can even take the time to find pictures of each guest with you to make it an even more personalized wedding favor.

Wedding Sparklers

Many couples believe that the wedding favors should make the wedding reception even better for those in attendance, and few items accomplish this better than having sparklers for wedding reception guests at your event. You can do a very wide variety of things with sparklers during your wedding reception such as write shapes in the air and have them lit in the background of your “first kiss” photos. Additionally, your guests can use them during your “grand exit” in place of rice or birdseed to make the spectacle even more spectacular. Best of all, wedding sparklers are very inexpensive so they can fit into nearly any wedding budget.

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It is important to keep in mind that there are many great options for wedding favors out there and that this is just a small sample to provide you with inspiration. You should always look at the options that are available and choose what you think your guests will appreciate and use the most. As long as you are considerate and take your time choosing the perfect wedding favors, your guests are sure to enjoy them and cherish them for years to come.